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a record of mundane things that have stuck in my mind, and what they may mean.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Friday’s Khutba

Mr. Z gave the khutba. He started off by talking about the Prophet’s legacy: the Qureish ridiculed him for having no living sons, saying that his name would die with him. The reality is obviously very different. His point was that we should have hope and trust in Allah, because just as the Qureish were sure that Muhammad, pbuh, would be wiped out, and the Muslims too couldn’t see far into the future of Islam then, we think now about Islam, but we don’t know what the outcomes may be.

He went on to discuss the mass killings in Rafah this week, not really discussing any politics, but saying that we all grieved, and then talking about frustrations and actions. I really liked this part, because I hate for the kids to feel hopeless, such as I do very often. He talked about our every choice being linked to suffering in the world… how it is that going to watch a movie, wasting money on collecting cd’s, and living empty days is all a part of the problem.

He talked about excellence… and excelling in whatever we do, and doing it for Allah. About becoming a leader in whatever field it is that we choose.

I really liked a hadith he repeated several times, but I need to find the exact wording. It went something like, you are a fort in the fortress of Islam, so don’t let us be harmed from your side.


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