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Sunday, July 18, 2004

No Child Left Behind

Sometimes I feel really hopeless about America. Do we really care about poverty and inequality? Do we really care about unequal education? What on earth were the Bushies thinking of doing with NCLB? And why did so many congress-people vote for it? Did they really just want to make themselves feel good? Sort of like people do when they give change to Salvation Army bell ringers right before they go into Marshal Fields for shopping.
According to today's Tribune, last year 270,000 students in Chicago were eligible to transfer to a different school under NCLB. 19,000 applied to transfer schools. 1,097 were granted transfers. 536 actually transferred.


At 4:53 PM, Anonymous said...

harrowing numbers. real sad state of education.
245 million= downtown taxpayer money spent on millenium park
40 million= dollars the city of chicago spent on expanding Soldier's Field (don't qoute me on these numbers but I'm pretty sure these were it)

so... what are we gonna do 'bout it?


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