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a record of mundane things that have stuck in my mind, and what they may mean.

Sunday, August 29, 2004


I've already taken two exams for my Illinois teaching certification, the Miller Analogies Test--to get into the graduate program--and the Basic Skills test. Both of those were kinda fun and easy.

But now, I have to take the content area exam and the Assessment of Professional Teaching exam. For the content area, they have test objectives we have to study. But there's no info anywhere about what resources to use. So for instance, I have no idea what this means: "Recognize language development, cognition, and learning as applied to reading development."

Hopefully the courses I take cover such things. But I have to take this exam before I take the English methods course in January. Test is in Nov. What I already have is one booklet that came from a seminar by Rick Wormeli and The English Teacher's Companion by Jim Burke. And with this huge tuition to pay, I have resolved to get all books I need from libraries. Speaking of which, library systems are great. The metropolitan system allows you to borrow from virtually every library in the Chicago area. Also, the Illinois colleges and universities have a wonderful loaning system. I want to get through the entire master's program without buying any books. It's going to be horribly sad :( But I'm going to keep a list of what to buy when I can, inshaAllah.


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