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a record of mundane things that have stuck in my mind, and what they may mean.

Friday, September 17, 2004

classes begun

Part of learning, the first step actually, is to know that your teachers have something valuable to offer. This is especially important when you're paying a fortune or entire life savings for that education.

I'm happy to report that the first week of my teaching classes have proved that I will in fact learn a whole lot if I aim to get an A. I also now know that I am an INTP according to the Myers-Briggs personality test. Which means, in summary of my type description, that I am brilliant at taking tests, I don't really like people, and I live in my head.

I've also discovered (re-discovered) that average Americans feel threatened by me. Maybe it's the stray hair on my upper lip I neglected to pluck out? One professor was definitely scared of my super-size eyes, she even made an example of it in class (I didn't mind). Or, maybe my scarf colors are too dull? Should I try pink?

I've also set a new goal for myself: find and love the humanity of people around me. Even those shells who don't want to meet my eyes. Even the ones who speak really loudly thinking it'll fill the emptiness.


At 8:17 PM, Abez said...

Good luck sister, you might be right about changing the scarf color, =although I found I simply liked black too much to change. I just try to make as much pleasant eye-contact as possible in order to make up for looking like a fundu, he he

At 12:28 AM, DeOwl said...

Hah sis, I so relate to this post. I'm not all that social, I live in my head, I've also got scary big eyes that everyone likes to remind me of, and I wear dull scarfs. So what. :P

But like Abez, I do try to make up for my scariness for the sake of dawah. It's good to be human and approachable, so I attempt to socialize and smile and junks. Can't say I don't try.:D

At 9:53 AM, Sara said...

Ah! Comments! Thanks for the support sisters... I really appreciate your kind words. Smiling does help. I've lived in a more urban environment most of my life, with many immigrants and minorities around. But now, my classes are in a remote suburb and I am the only brown person many of these people seem to have ever seen.


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