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a record of mundane things that have stuck in my mind, and what they may mean.

Monday, September 06, 2004


It was a complicated jungle. Let's just say our community is really really bizarre... I mean diverse.

My big ISNA joy: seeing old students. My heart filled with joy when they said salaam to me. Especially the naughty ones. I just love 'em. Loved the "Oh Ms. M---!" waves.

My big ISNA complaint: the Muslims for Bush booth. Isn't that like haraam??

Things I wish I had done: 1. attend a Mukhtar Moughraoui lecture 2. talk to James Yee 3. talk to the Kerry people 4. talk to the Muslims for Bush people 5. buy artwork 6. wear sneakers 7. make a round of the bazaar 8. attend programs for/about educators

In many ways, ISNA is a big lovefest. With my students and my old college buds and old family friends and with unknown random Muslims I could feel real joy of sisterhood. It was also a lovelorn fest: in the eyes of at least half of the brothers and sisters, you could see emptiness and longing. This feeling had it's two faces: the serious/somber and the frivolous/superficial. It looked very ugly at times--and I say this after swallowing judgments all weekend.

I should add, I wasn't able to attend any lectures because I had obligations at a bazaar booth. And, I bought nothing!


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