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Friday, December 10, 2004

Allah help this country

Having grown up with a lot of healthy and unhealthy skepticism of every governmental institution, both here and in Pakistan, I'm now shocked to realize that in fact, I had a latent trust that I'm only now beginning to understand as I'm loosing it. As a teen, I used to avidly follow all the unjust death penalty cases here in Illinois--all reeking of injustice and racism. But for some reason, I never quite fathomed that this too could happen. Maybe it's just a question of proximity? But, the Ford-Heights-Four shared my congressman and my area code. I've been there for the Busy Bee's Nursery.
But of course it's these guys are Muslim. I'm not enraged necessarily because I believe in their innocence--which they are because it hasn't ever been proven otherwise--but because of the procedures. If the case was so solid against them, why not allow them to build a defense? Why proceed with it as criminal proceedings are underway (at least against one defendant)?


At 6:02 PM, SyedSajidNizami [TallDarkHandsome] said...

its like this... ignite everyone against a particular group of people, be it in a wrong way but if u get the crowd to like it prejudice starts and that eats up everything ...

sigh !.. God bless the country !!

At 12:14 AM, mujahida said...

It is unbelivable.
I've really been praying for America, because I don't know where we're headed with this sort of hatred and injustice. Most of us are indifferent--so long as our lifestyle remains the same luxiourious, middle class way--and the rest of us sorta look around and wonder what to do and if this is really happening.

Maybe we'd do more if or when the 'chicken comes home to roost.'

Since the drastic changes in our foreign policy and in our laws and rights in the last three years, I've started to feel more American (though that sounds very cliche) because I realize and miss what we had before this administration's War on Terror.

Perhaps with my indifference and inaction I contributed to the mess that Muslims are in now.

And to think we thought once that repealing the "Secret Evidence Act" was difficult if not unthinkable!

--random thoughts...lets hope I don't repost 6 times now :)


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